What we are?

myELEN.com (my network of electronic exchange loans) is a Czech portal focusing on financing microfinance, cooperation and development projects in developing countries. Through myELEN.com, everyone can financially support a selected individual, a whole group, or a microfinance institution and recover the principal with a fixed interest rate.

What are we doing?

While capital is abundant in the developed world, two-thirds of humanity lives below the poverty line and without access to financial services. At myELEN.com for the seventh year in a row, we have been trying to connect two worlds: the one where capital dwells, with the places where capital lacks. 

How do we do it?

W e follow the seven principles of socially beneficial business  (Social Business), whose author is a Bangladeshi economist and founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. The goal of our business is not only profit, ie. achieving economic and financial self-sufficiency, but also to help solve a particular problem which threatens the whole of society or nature. 

Why are we doing this?

We believe that promoting a proactive approach by individuals gives them a chance at life.
We believe that the prosperity of individuals leads to the prosperity of society as a whole.
We believe that small amounts can trigger a big change.  


 About Us  

          Alesha Allard  comes from a small green-minded town in the Pacific Northwest and utilizes her educational background in Communications and Performance Art to focus on the human element as a means for community building. As a member of the myELEN.com team, Alesha focuses her well-developed skills of diplomacy and business management to help grow the seeds of sustainability in our world.   

René Bucarelli  is an avatar, representing myELEN.com staff. René c urrently provides services of support, thinking power, and communication. He  has large expertise in the areas of agro-food chains, finance, microfinance, development, and AI. René unites in his person many qualities of the rest of the team. He is a rigorous, utopic idealist with pragmatic powers and an ability to structure and get things done within larger frameworks. 



Juan Martin Espinosa Mendoza  comes from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Fresh graduate from the AgroFood Chain Master's program at the École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse (INP-ENSAT), in Toulouse, France. He has experience, mainly on research, in the following areas:  assessment of contaminated sites due to mining activities, the environmental impact of the agrofood chains of transgenic crops, and the analysis of the agroecological transition in Europe. He is passionate about Agroecology. This passion took him to know about myELEN.com and now to be part of the team. Martin is interested in the promotion of Mexican culture, politics, and organizing social events. 


Lenka Juvova   studied the University of Economics in Prague, with specialization in National Economy. She has been working in finance for international companies, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. During her studies she was living in Great Britain and traveled mostly in Europe, later she focused on Spanish speaking part of the world, spending 6 months in Chile. Lenka currently lives in Spain and serves as  a member of the Board of  Microfinance.


Pavel Kohout   has worked in financial markets since 1993 at various positions. Professionally he focuses on securities, portfolio management, and investment funds. To some point, he is involved in public finance and pension reform. He worked at PPF, at Komero Brokerage House, and at ING Investment Management. He also worked as an external advisor to two Czech Ministers of Finance, Mr. B. Sobotka and Mr. V. Tlusty. Pavel  holds a stake in Partners for Life Planning, where he serves as Director for Strategy and is responsible for product development and training. He published several books on investing, finance and economics, as well as many articles in leading Czech, Slovak and English newspapers and magazines.His main hobbies include literature, history, and creative photography.


Jan Dostal  received his degree in international trade at the University of Economics in Prague. Since 1977 he devoted his professional carrier to the development of international tourism. He is a founder and a partner of the company H&H Hotels and VIP Club Casino. Currently, he resides in Prague. He is divorced and has two children. He speaks English, French and Italian.   



Pavel Hronek  is the “spiritual father” of an internet-based patient-controlled electronic health records database that provides Czechs with secure access to their health data. This project won international acclaim, receiving numerous awards including the World Summit Award for “The best eContent project” in eHealth applications in 2005.  Pavel served as a physician in the largest Czech hospital in Prague, later becoming a successful entrepreneur in the health care business. He founded a private clinic specialized at immunity disorders, managing a pharmaceutical company as well as a business importing laboratory equipment. He is married with three children. He is an agile sportsman, plays the guitar with a rock band, B.LUES, and loves to ride his Harley Davidson in summer.


Tomáš Hes  is a Czech development economist. He is focused on microfinance and “ecosystemic finance” (financial models to make a positive change in the society) as well as on international agri-food distribution chains that entail sustainability aspects. One of the founders of myELEN charity platform. He holds a Master (MSc) in Corporate economics from the University of Zittau and a Ph.D. in Microfinance from the Czech University of Life Sciences. Tomáš is a former professor at the Institute of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Science in Prague and Mexican universities of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Chapingo and Spanish Jaén, as well as a co-founder of Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation. In the past, he worked for several major corporate organizations. 



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